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Top 5 Quarantine Design Trends

In the midst of Covid-19, the interior design landscape is rapidly changing.

As we reflect on the past several weeks and what we have been through it seems obvious that our homes have become places of more than just shelter. They provide us with a place to nourish our souls, recharge our bodies and quiet our minds. We wanted to share with you a few of the top trends that have emerged because of quarantining.

Natural Materials

As we relied on the outdoors for entertainment, nature is now moving inside. We are never far from nature in our coastal environment and now more than ever we will be seeing jute, rattan, organic materials, shells and bamboo to highlight nature in our homes.

Blue Everything

We’ve seen blue make a huge impact over the past few years, but it seems to only be getting stronger. Blue can be anything from neutral to a pop of color. It can be all hues of blue, soft and powdery, cobalt, navy or indigo and it can be on any surface or texture. It can be all mixed together to give us a sense of calm as the waves wash over us.

Brass is Back

Brass is dressing up the grays and neutrals and bringing them refreshing new life. Bronze bases, brass handles, contrast inlay and hardware on upholstery are all being added by manufacturers to create a spark. Our advice on this is that metals are meant to be mixed, contrast is key!

Home Hubs

Our rooms are expected to do double duty now. A dining room that is also an office or a guest room that is also a media room. We need desks that are stylish and kitchen tables that are functional. The pieces we are seeing manufactured are more universal and can be more than just one thing. We need neat and organized spaces to function for remote work or even to Zoom for book club.

Jewel Tones

Rich tones are here and getting warmer. Color makes us happy and there’s no better time to incorporate that into our homes. Color adds energy and vibrancy and is simple to integrate into a neutral palate. It warms our heart and our living space.

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